2017 Daily Rainfall

This page displays the amount of rain received each day in the manual rain gauge and is normally updated after each morning manual observation. Our daily rainfall is routinely compared to nearby rain gauges in the BoM rainfall network as part of our quality assurance practices. You should also read the note for important information concerning the data in the table below.

To be consistent with standard BoM practice, each recorded value is the total rainfall in the 24 hours ending at 9:00 am. A significant proportion of the rainfall may have fallen prior to midnight.

Note: Tr indicates a rainfall amount of less than 0.1 mm (a trace of rain) and does not count towards the monthly rainfall total or the number of rain days. Such an occurrence could be from a very brief shower, however it more commonly occurs on a cold, calm and clear Winter morning because of dew, whereby water droplets form on objects near the ground as a result of condensation of the moisture in the air.

2017 daily rainfall

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