About Truganina Weather

This page provides an overview of our PWS and summarises the key aspects of our operations.

Background & Purpose

The owner/operator of Truganina Weather is a qualified Meteorologist. Employed by the ABOM for 38 years, we specialised in marine meteorology after 10 years as an operational weather forecaster. On retirement we were acknowledged by our global peers for our long leadership of international groups that coordinated national marine meteorological and oceanographic observing programs.

The purpose of our PWS is "to pursue a long-standing passion for observing the weather".

The objectives of our PWS and website are to:

  1. Record quality assured daily weather data from Truganina for personal interest and analysis,
  2. Provide quality assured real-time weather data to weather exchange networks,
  3. Provide visitors to our website with quality assured and useful local weather and climate data, and
  4. Provide visitors to our website with complementary weather products and information about weather-related subjects.

Station History & Accolades

Our PWS was originally established in Werribee in 1981. It has since undergone many changes and one relocation.

More information » comprehensive details of our Station History & Accolades

Station Details & Instrumentation

We maintain up-to-date information regarding our station details and instrumentation for the benefit of users of our data.

More information » full description of our Station Details & Instrumentation

Weather Observing Program

Our PWS consists of both manual and automatic meteorological instruments. All of these instruments play an important role in the operation of our PWS.

More information » full description of our Weather Observing Program

Quality Assurance Practices

We are strongly committed to providing high quality data.

More information » full description of our Quality Assurance Practices

Our Website

We developed and maintain this website to conform to international web standards specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). All of our web pages also comply with Australian and international guidelines for web accessibility and incorporate navigational aids to assist visually impaired visitors.

More information » our website's Terms of Use | Copyright Notice | Privacy Policy | Accessibility Statement

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