Past Weather

This page provides access to our tabulated past weather data from which we derive our monthly climate statistics that includes means and extremes, and our mean monthly graphs. Read the disclaimer for important information concerning our past weather data and climate statistics.

More climate information » Climate Maps of Australia.

Climate Data

Monthly Climate Statistics | Mean Monthly Graphs

Past Weather Data


Total Rainfall | Highest Daily Rainfall | Days of Rain | Longest Dry Spells

Maximum Temperature

Mean Maximum Temperatures | Highest Maximum Temperatures | Lowest Maximum Temperatures

Days of 30° C or More | Days of 35° C or More | Days of 40° C or More | Days of 45° C or More

Minimum Temperature

Mean Minimum Temperatures | Highest Minimum Temperatures | Lowest Minimum Temperatures

Nights of 2° C or Less | Nights of 0° C or Less

Mean Temperature

Mean Temperatures | Highest Mean Temperatures | Lowest Mean Temperatures

Weather Phenomenon

Days of Thunder | Days of Lightning | Days of Hail | Days of Fog | Days of Frost

Mean Sea Level Pressure

Highest Mean Sea Level Pressure | Lowest Mean Sea Level Pressure


Missing observations because the station is unattended (in particular for observations of phenomena), a failure in the observing equipment, or when an event has produced suspect data may result in an event not being recorded.

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